How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Causes of Hair Loss in Women There are no people who do not have the problem of hair loss, and the question of hair loss, whether male or female, is probably one of the common problems. Although it is thought that men have more hair loss and baldness problems, it is a fact that they experience hair loss problems in women.

Although the problem of hair loss in women is a problem that has not been overestimated in the early days and is not considered, increased hair loss may actually be a symptom of another disease.

Male or female hair loss can sometimes lead to big problems, and the society’s reaction and ridicule can cause people to have great problems in both their work and private life. Dense hair loss is caused by self-confidence in the container, the person is moving away from society. That’s why the people who spilled their hair to prevent the loss of hair into the search for large amounts on this issue. In fact, the important thing here is to find the cause of hair loss and treat accordingly.  According to the surveys, 30% of women face hair loss problems. If your hair structure began to thinner if it becomes lighter if your hair is lost and started to break slowly.


Causes of Hair Loss If 50-100 hair loss per day is considered normal, the number of hair loss should be investigated immediately if there is an increase in the number. What are the causes of hair loss:


Hair loss during pregnancy Most women may experience hair loss due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. In fact, in some cases during the pregnancy, the hair becomes excessively thick and pubescent. With the end of the pregnancy period, the hormones that go down to the normal level cause the spilling of the food during pregnancy, if the hair is shedding after the pregnancy period, you can perceive it normally for the first 6 months. Hair Loss due to Nutrition Improper feeding and irregularity in nutrition are also caused by copper, zinc, iron, vitamin D amino acids, not enough water to not take up foods and hair loss and weakening.


Collecting Hair Very Tight The most common mistake of women is to collect the hair from the top of the hair thin and tight braided bonding by doing a great factor in hair loss. The hair does not breathe and begins to break with its impact. If you’re connecting your hair in this way, make sure you get the weather by leaving it open in the evenings at home. Sudden Weight Losses Diet or any kind of weight loss due to a lot of hair loss in the same way means that you lose a lot of hair. Aging Factors People start to experience some changes when they get older and this changes the hair. The hair that starts to whiten and thinning can no longer perform its tasks and begins to spill. In order to get ahead of this, we should try to take the vitamins that are necessary and take care of our health.


Thyroid-Related Diseases The irregularity in the thyroid glands, which is over or under running, inevitably leads to the loss of our hair. If you are experiencing this disease you can take measures to prevent hair loss during this period. False Hair Care It is one of the most common problems. Chemical hair dyes, Hair color operations, Hair to the extreme blow drying, perma operations are done with serious caution in your hair is inevitable to experience breakage shedding problems. Even if these procedures are not done frequently, shedding of the problem will cause an increase in the problem. To prevent hair loss, we should do your hair wet and slow when the towel is dried. The hair dryer damages your hair because of the heat your hair is broken and the heat becomes dull, and also the hair as dry as possible to scan the dry hair brush to comb the hair breaks replicate, you should be careful that the brushes of the comb you are using.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be prevented as a result of measures to be taken by women. It is useful to apply hair transplantation in women and herbal methods. If hair loss has reached very advanced levels, it is necessary to consult a physician. Hair loss men or women, whether the same treatment methods in general, women are more obsessed with men in this regard, women should do carefully to read what should be done.


Factors causing hair loss

  • Do not wash your hair for a long time and walk with dirty hair
  • When brushing our hair with Brush, we should wet our hair if possible. Dry hair breaks very quickly.
  • Frequent shampoo replacement
  • The water we make bath is chalky and this lime makes our hair dandruff.
  • Frequent dyeing and hair removal
  • The application of jelly and similar products to hair often increases the problem of breaking and shedding of these chemical products for 2 -3 days.
  • You can close the spilled hair with non-sharpening closures and damage the other hair strands and skin
  • Before going to bed in the evening, open her hair and let her breathe in air and lie
  • Decomposition of iron deficiency causes anemia in the body, such as hair loss caused by taking blood drugs to eat red meat to eliminate iron deficiency should be provided


For a healthy way of extension to the remaining hair after the hair loss you get from the pharmacy should try to strengthen the hair follicles of the hair by applying your remaining natural hair products. Keep in mind that there is no product to remove the hair is just to prevent hair loss.

Do not over tighten the spacing of brush you use, you must brush your hair loss should go out of your hair while brushing your hair, do not do more than zormala of brushing your hair will quickly forced to hair loss.

One of the factors that factor into your hair loss will lead a stressful life in you pay attention whites stressed out people’s hair early and often if you wear hair spilled is how little problems in your head and you try without creating stress in your life, and your hair becomes Mutulu. Do not forget the moisture in the wall.

Natural Hair Look Methods

There are herbal treatments that you can do at home despite the hair loss of women. Mixing coconut oil and olive oil is the most commonly used and used in your hair to make your hair natural care. You have to feed this mixture as it makes the applied massage.

Cover with a cloth and remove Persistence and olive oil over your hair until the morning bell could be that you have healthy hair loss making and in this way 2 times a week.



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