Miracle Diet That Extends Life

ShawsListens.comWe have researched the diet of the Pioppi people, who are known for their healthy and long-lasting lives. Here’s the Pioppi diet …

Pioppi, known as the most healthy village in the world, is one of the most inhabited people in Italy. The important step of a healthy and long life is a quality nutrition program. Here is the Pioppi Diet for a healthy life …


When applying the Pioppi diet you need to consume a tablespoon of vinegar at the beginning of the day.

List of Pioppi Diet:


Breakfast: Coffee or coconut cream only

Lunch: Mushroom omelette, coffee with coconut

Lunch break: Canned oysters, strawberry full-fat yogurt, a handful of nuts and cinnamon

Evening: spinach and avocado sliced steak, 2 square dark chocolate, a cup of tea


Breakfast: Only coconut coffee

Lunch: Fried tomato and hellim, vegetable soup with chicken broth, oily fish and coconut coffee

Evening: grilled salmon with vegetables, two square dark chocolate and a cup of tea


Breakfast: Coffee with coconut

Lunch: Whole-fat coconut and strawberry yogurt, a handful of nuts, cinnamon, turmeric and coconut coffee


Breakfast: 2 or 3 eggs, roasted salmon beside avocado, coconut coffee

Lunch: Kefir or coconut smoothie, cinnamon, turmeric and mint

Evening: Chicken broth soup made with extra virgin olive oil, coconut bomb (cocoa, cinnamon, coconut oil, coconut cream, hazelnut)



Breakfast: Bacon Egg, Avocado, Coconut Coffee

Lunch: Fish soup

Evening: Low-calorie pizza, coconut bomb, a cup of tea


Breakfast: Hazelnut paste omelette, strawberry and full-fat yogurt, coconut coffee

Lunch: Mediterranean salad

Evening: Fried chicken, sweet potato, coconut bomb and bi cup of tea


Breakfast: Fried salmon, omelette, avocado and coconut coffee

Lunch: Kefir or coconut smoothie

Evening: Cooked trout, vegetables, nuts.

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