Solutions at home against hair loss

Stress, bad weather and chemical products cause hair loss. You can prevent this problem with natural blends at home. Here are 3 natural blends that stop hair loss …

Hair, aesthetics and beauty is one of the most important factors. However, wind, moisture, chlorine, sea, air pollution and irregular nutrition can cause hair to spill. In addition, hair, tongs, paints and chemical processes also cause hair loss. The underlying cause of hair loss can be a health problem, which can be treated with medication. Herbal solutions can also be used.

If you want to care for my hair both naturally and economically, here are 3 different herbal solutions that we can offer:

– Add 1 teaspoon powdered black pepper and 1 coffee cup freshly squeezed onion broth into 1 cup of honey. Mix all the ingredients and apply thoroughly to your hair. Wait 6 hours and wash your hair in warm water. When washing your hair, prefer sulfur soap.

– Topping 1 tablespoon of lavender add boiling water. Keep him on low heat for five minutes. Filter after the mixture becomes warm. If your hair is clean, wash your hair with a glass of lavender water and wait for half an hour. Rinse only after half an hour.

– Put 10-15 cloves in a glass of boiling water and brew for 10 minutes. You can apply this tea with massage to the scalp.

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