Treatment of Nail Fungus

The nail fungus, which is a problem we encountered on hot summer days; stress, temperature, not paying enough attention to nail hygiene, moisture, excessive sweating and overweight etc. due to different reasons can be placed on our toenails.

To get rid of this mushroom formation in our feet, most of us go to pharmacies, buy nail fungus cream, but sometimes it can take a long time to treat with mushroom cream. In this case, we are focusing on the methods of natural nail fungus treatment and we are looking for a solution to this problem with the cures we prepared at home.

In this article titled Nail Fungus Treatment, we would like to share with you the herbal remedies which are all natural and effective.

So, how does the nail fungus go? Let us try to answer this question together:

How to Treat Nail Fungus

For the treatment of nail fungus, doctors generally recommend cutting the nail with a nail clipper, and then rasping it, prescribing antifungal cream or nail polishes if the fungus is in a limited area.


If the fungus is spread over large areas, you may need to use an oral antifungal drug such as terbinafine.


In addition to the medication your doctor prescribes, you can also try one of the following herbal nail treatment methods.


Treatment of nail fungus with apple cider vinegar:


The apple cider vinegar, which balances the level of PH in the skin, fights and destroys bacteria that cause fungal growth.




Mix vinegar with equal amount of water and vinegar in order to benefit from apple cider vinegar. Then insert your hand or toenails that are affected by fungus into this basin.


Leave your nails in this apple water for 15-20 minutes. After 20 minutes, rinse your nails well and dry. Lastly, apply your fingernails and nails around the nail.


Treatment of Nail Fungus with Yogurt:

One of the methods of natural nail fungus treatment is yogurt; It improves the nail fungus in a natural way thanks to the bacterial cultures in its components. However, to get the best out of the process, you need to use homemade yogurt or prebiotic yogurt at home.




To take advantage of this feature of yogurt, take a few spoons of fresh yogurt with fungal infection.


Let the yogurt dry for 5-10 minutes. Rinse your nails with lukewarm water. Consuming a bowl of prebiotic yogurt every day in the morning can help you fight with fungus formation.


Nail Fungus Treatment NaturalTreatment of nail fungus is possible to do by natural means. Here is the natural method which is effective in the treatment of nail fungus.


Treatment of Nail Fungus with Carbonate

Carbonates, which are frequently used in skin care masks, improve the inflammation of acne and kill the bacteria that cause fungus in the nails. It also stops these bacteria from spreading into larger areas.


The acidic structure of the carbonate is not only combating the bacteria that cause fungus but also other harmful microorganisms.




In order to treat the nail pulp with carbonate, mix a few drops of lemon juice and some carbonate in a small bowl. Continue adding lemon juice to the carbon until you get a paste.


Apply the putty mask to the affected area. At the same time, you can sprinkle your feet with a pinch of carbonate so you can prevent your nails from being affected by fungal infection.

Treatment of Nail Fungus with Garlic:

Garlic, which has an antibiotic and an anti-bacterial aspect, is another miraculous plant that is frequently used in the natural treatment of nail fungus.




In order to use garlic in mushroom treatment effectively, beat in 10 cloves of garlic. Then transfer to a bowl filled with warm water. Leave garlic in warm water for a few minutes.


Leave the cork and its surrounding area for 15 minutes in this bowl.


After you crush the garlic, you can mix it with a few drops of olive oil and you can apply this mixture to your nails. In this case, cure the cure for 30 minutes, then rinse your nails with plenty of water.


Treatment of Nail Fungus We continue to share with you the effective methods you can take at home for the treatment of nail fungus.


Treatment of nail fungus with lemon juice:


Just as garlic, a natural antibiotic like lemon juice, as well as the fungus formation, as well as the current fungus shows a therapeutic feature.Application: Lemon juice that helps you get rid of the nail fungus problem in a short time with a few drops of lemon juice to cure the fungus thoroughly remove the water and apply this water to the affected area.


If you wish, you can apply the inner part of the lemons cut by pressing the nail and its surroundings for 5-10 minutes.


Treatment of nail fungus with tea tree oil:


Tea tree oil, which plays an antiseptic role by fighting microorganisms, as a method of treatment of natural nail fungus, which is extremely effective and useful, eradicates the problem of fungal infection.


At the same time, taking care of your hands and feet naturally, keeping your hands and feet healthy.




In order to benefit from the antiseptic aspect of tea tree oil, apply some tea tree oil with a piece of cotton or directly to the mushroom area.


Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. After waiting 15 minutes, you can rinse your nails with plenty of water.


WARNING: The oral consumption of tea tree oil may lead to extremely serious side effects. You can face side effects such as walking, speech disorder, dizziness, or even coma. Therefore, you should avoid consuming tea tree oil orally!

Exact Solution of Nail Mushroom

Exact Solution of Nail Mushroom: Lemon juice and salt cure


It is possible to benefit from salt which is an excellent antifungal for the treatment of nail fungus.




First mix a teaspoon of salt with one fresh lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the mushroom nail.


After waiting for 30 minutes, rinse the nail and surrounding area. Repeat the procedure every day until the nail fungus is fully healed.


Lavender Oil from cucumber good:


Lavender oil, which is a strong antiseptic just like tea tree oil, also plays a successful role in the natural treatment of nail fungus.


In order to increase the power of lavender oil, you can try using lavender oil with some tea tree oil.


Application: First, mix 5 drops of lavender and tea tree oil in a bowl. Then dip a piece of cotton into this mixture. Cotton and mushroom toe and cut the mixture of nails.


wait 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, rinse your fingers with plenty of water. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. Nail Fungus Treatment At HomeEpsom Salt that removes nail fungus:


If you are looking for a solution that is effective and quick to the nail fungus, you can give epsom salt a chance. Application: First, add half a cup of epsom powder into a bucket of warm water and mix. Soak your feet in this mixture for 30 minutes.


After the procedure, dry your feet completely with a soft towel. Repeat this application 3 times a day. WARNING: Do not forget to dry thoroughly with a towel after rinsing your nails with plenty of water in all the above applications!


BONUS: Treatment of Nail Fungus with Vicks VapoRub:


Vicks Vapo Rub cream, which is a drug that is frequently recognized by people with respiratory problems, also treats nail fungus with its anti-microbial properties.



First, apply some cream to the mushroom area. Then close the infected area with no banding. You can repeat this process once every 6-8 hours, until you get rid of your fungus problem.


How does the nail fungus go? How to treat nail fungus naturally? We tried to answer briefly. If you are looking for an easy and practical solution to your nail fungus problem, you can try the above recommended treatments as soon as possible.


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