Toenail Fungus Remedy

Toenail fungicide

Fungal infections are common on both nails and toenails. There is a tendency for fungi to be affected by toenails, these living organisms thrive in dark moist environments obtained from the foot at hand.

When smeared on the toenail fungus, the nails may turn yellowish or brown in color. It can become thick or brittle over time and break or shed on its own. Such nails are often ugly, ugly, embarrassing and painful. The toenail fungus can be to anyone. It is an infectious disease that also spreads upon contact.

Abnormal pH level of the skin, trauma to the nail, unhygienic feet and reduced immunity of the body allow this disease.

Avoiding toenail fungus –

– Mushrooms grow in warm humid rooms such as spas, swimming pools, showers, or locker rooms. If you press a hot puddle or wet place, your infection. Ideal for washing and drying your feet thoroughly after using in public.

– Wear cotton socks to absorb moisture from the socks feet without sweating.

– If your socks are damp, dry your feet and feet before wearing a new dry socks.

– Wear shoes that fit comfortably and allow plenty of air and moisture to pass.

– Avoid sharing your personal belongings while catching towels, cloths, shoes or disease.

– Wash and dry your feet thoroughly each time. Choose a strong towel to remove dead skin and improve blood circulation.

– Keep your nails short and do not use nail polish.

– Cut your toenails regularly. Cut them in a straight line and trim the edges with a nail file.

Toenail fungicide –

Tea tree oil is a powerful natural antiseptic and fungicide that will help you fight your fungus. Apply undiluted tea tree oil with affected toenail olive oil. Alternatively, apply a few drops of tea tree oil to your toenails and rub it thoroughly every day.

– Put your toes in the Listerine gargle. Strong antiseptic makes your nail story look healthy.

– Soak your toenails for 15 – 20 minutes in a basin filled with an evenly mixed natural apple vinegar. How to dry your feet thoroughly when you’re done. To absorb all the moisture on and around your fingertips.

– Equal bread tea tree oil and lavender oil. Tighten 2 or 3 times in front of the upper edge of the toenail and around the perimeter. Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic, and lavender helps fight chemicals and clean skin irritation.

– Mix 2 drops of Thyme essential oil with a teaspoon of olive oil. In the meantime, do not apply to the affected area for more than three weeks. Oregano essential oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiparasitic, antiviral, analgesic and antifungal properties.

– Apply apple cider vinegar 2 or 3 times a day until the growth of the new nail is complete.

– Aher AHA is applied to your feet before going to bed. This coarse scaly star clears your feet, which are more prone to fungi.

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