Cute Choppy Pixie Hairstyles and Haircut Ideas

Do you ever get tired of the same old long traditional hairstyles and wish you could try a sexy choppy pixie haircut for a change? After all, you know how many ladies always stick to the same hair style. Well, this is your chance to try something new and bring out the fun cute side … Read more

Hair Colors and Dyes

Many individuals dye or color their hair for various reasons. It may be to return their grey hair back to its original color, or to change their hair color to one they feel is more fashionable, or it may be that they just feel like a bit of change and wants some highlights to their … Read more

Hair Styles of Girls

Hair is considered as an important part of beauty which can make you attractive and beautiful or it can also make you ugly. The complexion, which you get from your makeup is also related to your hair styles. There are many hair styles which you can use to become more attractive and beautiful. To choose … Read more

The Truth About Hair Loss

The Truth About Hair Loss Scared of combing your hair? Frightened by the amount of hair you see on the comb when you do? Is your hairline slowly receding? Face it. You may be experiencing hair loss. The average life span of hair The average hair strand lasts for two to six years. Each strand … Read more

Hair Loss in Men – Provillus to the Rescue!

Hair Loss in Men – Provillus to the Rescue! Over 50 million men in the US suffer from Male Pattern Baldness today and that has created a billion dollar a year market for hair loss products. If you’re one of these 50 million you’ll be looking for help with hair restoration while preventing thinning hair … Read more

Hair loss prevention through Ayurveda

Hair loss prevention through Ayurveda Hair loss is experienced by all of us at one or the other time. To know the causes of hair fall, it is very essential to know the structure of hair and its normal growth cycle. Structure of hair The hair on our scalp can be divided into two parts, … Read more

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Causes of Hair Loss in Women There are no people who do not have the problem of hair loss, and the question of hair loss, whether male or female, is probably one of the common problems. Although it is thought that men have more hair loss and baldness problems, it is a fact that they … Read more

Solutions at home against hair loss

Stress, bad weather and chemical products cause hair loss. You can prevent this problem with natural blends at home. Here are 3 natural blends that stop hair loss … Hair, aesthetics and beauty is one of the most important factors. However, wind, moisture, chlorine, sea, air pollution and irregular nutrition can cause hair to spill. … Read more